Cold Case Summer: A Carol Reed Mystery

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An exciting detective adventure set on the cold streets of Sweden.

With Cold Case Summer: A Carol Reed Mystery, the popular series of "photorealistic adventure games" starring the investigator Carol Reed, the saga reaches its ninth installment already. And in this case, Carol Reed will have to put all her detective skills to the test so that, with your help, a political crime that threatens to break the peace in Europe is resolved satisfactorily.

Cold Case Summer takes you to the cold streets of Sweden in 1986, where Prime Minister Olaf Palme was murdered in the street, while returning home from the cinema with his wife. But this is only the beginning of a long and arduous police investigation, however, which is just stuck in a dead end without finding the culprit and the motive.

It will be years later when Carol is in the same place for a sunny but cold Swedish summer at the start of Cold Case Summer: A Carol Reed Mystery, when the police, with your help, will begin to connect the dots when you connect that old crime with a recent murder of a civilian, who sought the help of Carol Reed.


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